Code Samples


Additive Synthesis

I am building this based on a Flash animation that I developed. It has a real-time oscilloscope readout of a sound wave resulting from three sources. My next step is to add overlays that explain additive synthesis.

This works for me viewing with FireFox 30.0 on MacOS, and on the latest version on Chrome as of 7/30/14.


Drawing Applet

This applet was my final project in the O'Reilly School Java Certificate program.

Java XML Editor

I created this utility program to edit XML from a database, prepping it for the CoverMaker script. I keep adding functions to it, so for right now, this should be considered a beta version.


CoverMaker application

I wrote this script to create first-pass workbook covers from a database. It will create three InDesign files with low-resolution PDF files. You will need at least Mac OS 10.6 and InDesign CS5 to run this program. It works on my machine with MacOS 10.9 and InDesign CS6.

IDD_Cleaner application

I wrote this script to speed up clearing out old histories and unused plugin dependencies in InDesign files.