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  • Literature- McDougall Littell

    This was for the 10th grade Literature book. Every selection had an opener introducing the student to the selection. It had a "Big Question" that the selection dealt with, along with background info and a short author biography.

    Literature Opener
  • Literature- McDougall Littell

    This is fom the grade 12 Literature book. I was lead designer on that edition. In addition to designing the openers and lesson apparatus pages, I scheduled meetings and facilitated critical reviews.

    Literature Unit Feature
  • Literature- McDougall Littell

    Selections that were from magazines, newspapers and digital media were given treatments to show which medium the selection was originally published.

    Literature Selection
  • Literature- McDougall Littell

    I designed the index, glossary and handbook sections for the whole seven book series.

    Literature Handbook
  • The Language of Literature- McDougal Littell

    While the more recent Literature series relied on a minimalist approach, the previous series from McDougal Littell tailored each selection to the content of of the selection. In this example, a Ray Bradbury short story is given a dystopian futurist look.

    Language Of Literature Selection Art
  • The Language of Literature- McDougal Littell

    Ray Bradbury's story "The Murderer" dealt with the perils of an over-techologized society. I used broken devices and broken glass to underline the story's content.

    Language of Literature Selection Art
  • The Language of Literature- McDougal Littell

    The treatment for a selection from The Autobiography of Mark Twain was meant to evoke the hand-lettered signage of the time.

    Language of Literature Selection Title
  • The Language of Literature- McDougal Littell

    One of our sales representatives told me she kept a Post-It Note on this page and showed it in all her presentations because it looked like Mark Twain wrote.

    Language of Literature Pull Quote
  • The Americans- McDougal Littell

    I made all the maps for the first edition of The Americans. At the time, textbooks used flat color or simple line drawing maps. I found a way to include topography in all the maps without hurting the budget.

    Map from The Americans
  • Universal Ancillary Design- McDougal Littell

    this workbook page was generated in an automated production process where the editors entered the content into an XML database using ArborText Editor. I worked with the engineers to create the templates that were used to style the data and produce press-ready PDFs.

    Universal Ancillary Design
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