How To Use the Drawing Program

Use the pull-down menus on the left column of the box to choose the line color, fill color and the shape of the object you want to draw.

If you want the object to be filled with color, check the "Fill" box at the bottom of the right-hand column

Use the radio buttons in the right-hand column to choose your tool:

• With "Draw", you will be creating the objects.

• With "Move", you click on an object and drag it to move it to a new location.

• With "Resize" you click and hold on an object, then drag the cursor to resize it.

• To use "Remove" you just click on an object to delete it.

• To use "Change" you just click on an object to change the line and fill color to whatever new settings you have chosen in the drop-down menus.

To clear the canvas and start a new drawing, click on the "Clear" button at the bottom of the left-hand column.